New scholars like Bukhariy and Termiziy are expected from recently established Islamic Academy

On January 25 Uzbekistan National University hosted the first meeting of scientific council of Islamic Academy. Academicians, scientists, professors, members of scientific councils and religious leaders participated in the event.
In his speech N.Ibrohimov noted that President’s decree on “Establishment of Islamic Academy of Uzbekistan” inspired many scholars working in this sphere. The Academy offers two-years master’s program and three years doctor’s program. 

On his turn Muftiy Usmankhan Alimov underlined that the academy had been initiated by the President of Uzbekistan where “Quran Studies”, “Fikh sciences”, “Khadis sciences” and “Kalam science” will deeply researched by young scholars with the hope to educate scientists like Imam Bukhariy, Imam Termiziy, Abdulkholik Gijduvoniy and Bakhouddin Naqshband. 

The participants also discussed the organizational issues of the new educational establishment.

Press Service,

Muslim Board of Uzbekistan

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