"Islom Nuri" (“The light of Islam”) has started to offer Arabic lessons

“Islom Nuri” (“The light of Islam”) published by Muslim Board of Uzbekistan has started introducing a special section to teach Arabic under the title “Let’s study Quran” since January 15. Arabic lessons are developed by Ibodulla Akhroro, Deputy Rector of Tashkent Islamic Institute. For those who are interested in learning are advised to subscribe to our newspaper or visit one of the mosques in your locality.

Additionally, official web portal of Muslim Board of Uzbekistan “muslim.uz” is also offering online Arabic lessons once a week.  Besides, “Islom Nuri” (“The light of Islam”) newspaper Muslim Board of Uzbekistan is publishing “Hidoyat” (“The right path”) journal as well.

Press Service,

Muslim Board of Uzbekistan

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