The holy month of Ramadan has entered in our beautiful country. From the first night of this blessed month, more than 1,000 mosques in our independent Republic began to seal the Holy Quran and Taraweeh prayers.
In the main mosque in the capital - "Hazrati Imam", religious ceremonies and rites led by Chairman of the Board of Muslims of Uzbekistan Mufti Usmanhan Alimov. The Mufti of the Republic congratulated Muslims in connection with the beginning of the holy month, it was pointed out that during the month of Lent, the faithful should be particularly goodwill, benevolence and he called upon Allah to provide the goodness to our country with blessing in this miracle month.
After that, the worshipers who gathered in the mosque of Hazrati Imam enjoyed listening to the recitation of the Holy Quran for skilled readers with a beautiful voice.

Muslim board of Uzbekistan

International relations department

1904 марта ўқилди