Meeting on Ziyarat Tourism (Tourism on Visiting Islamic Shrines)

Yesterday on 21st November the meeting dedicated to “Ziyarat Tourism” (Tourism on Visiting Islamic Shrines) was held in Muslim Board of Uzbekistan with the participation of representatives from the Committee on Religious Affairs, the Center for Islamic Civilization, Tashkent Islamic University and leading touristic firms.

The event was opened by O.Yusupov’s speech who mentioned President Sh.Mirziyoyev’s presentation during his visit to Samarkand region on November 9-10 regarding the tasks on widening the scope of Ziyarat Tourism. He, Mr. O.Yusupov, noted that in order to attract tourists to Bukhara and Samarkand from Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia and other Islamic countries, a number of working groups were organized which work on particular directions.

During the meeting Mr. Akmal Qosimov, a specialist from “Azia tour” firm suggested to pay attention to “Silsilai Alia” (Shrines of 12 Saints), to introduce special packages such as “Umra Plus” to Malaysian and Indonesian tourists.

The participants proposed to sign memorandum among participating parties in the process: The Committee on Religious Affairs, Muslim Board of Uzbekistan, Tashkent Islamic University, The Center for Islamic Civilization, Charity on Shrine Protection and “Uzbektourism”.



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