Press release of the meeting with religious scholars under the motto “Prevention of ideological threats: cooperation, transparency and alertness”.

It is not a secret for us that today preservation of peace and stability has become a great challenge for many countries. For this reason we all – not only state and non-governmental organizations, but every citizen deeply understands that in order to achieve our goals and become developed and prosperous country we need to strongly follow our own way and preserve peace and stability.

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Miromonivich Mirziyoyev underlining in all of his speeches to talk to people, to identify their problems and needs, to advise those who have fallen on the wrong track of extremist groups and preserve the purity of our religion.

With the initiative of our President a number of citizens who were trapped into evil groups have been undergone prophylactics, their opinions were heard and respected, they were wrong ideas were explained, their dignity was restored in society.

For the just last six months 2273 citizens in Tashkent, 648 citizens from Shayhontohur district have been removed from various lists and they are now enjoying their everyday life. 

 After the meetings held in June and July of the current year the special road map was established on the solution of the problems raised by our citizens. Particularly, 118 people received medical treatment, 352 children have become the members of various clubs. 12 citizens who wanted to become entrepreneurs received bank credits. 3 families were given special recommendation letters to get flats from new buildings in Sergeli district.

             Today on November 28th there was a meeting held with the participation of religious representatives and the citizens who previously were under various lists. The conversation was very sincere and participants talked about their daily issues.

            Tashkent Hokimiyat (City Mayor’s Office), Shayhontohur district hokimiyat, “Makhalla” public charity fund, “Nuroniy” fund, civil society institution members and mass media representatives took part in the event. 

Ўзбекистон мусулмонлари идораси
Матбуот хизмати

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