Good news: “The magazine “Hidoyat” has launched religious lessons for children”

The first edition of 2018 of “Hidoyat” journal of Muslim Board of Uzbekistan has introduced new column with the title “Kids section” which foresees religious lessons for kids.

The lessons are given in Latin alphabet. Here is the first lesson presented.


First lesson: Respected words

Assalamu alaykum dear kids!

 Now say “Bismillahir rohmanir rohim” and sit down. Why do we say so? Do you know the meaning? It means “I begin with name of Allah the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful”. Every muslim whatever he/she does they should start their actions with these words. Any action which started without “bismillah” would not have any ending. We muslims even do not eat meat of an animal which was slaughtered without “bismillah”.

There is also one another phrase you should know. It is “Auzu billahi minash shaytonir rojim” which is translated as “I seek refuge from the evil of abandoned devil”. If you read even one ayat from Qur’an then say first this phrase.

In order to read Qur’an you should first perform wudu. Makin wudu is not difficult. Firstly wash you hands with your elbows, then rinse you mouth three times, with indicating fingers wash your teeth, rinse your nose three times, and wash your face three times. Then water your hand and go around your head, ears with your wet palms. You can also ask your parents to show you how to do these acts and they would teach you.



Now this is enough dear kids! Good bye!

Ahmad Muhammad


If you want to get religious education for yourself or for your kids then continue to observe us on “Hidoyat” journal. For those who would like to subscribe the magazine, contact a representative in your nearest mosque. The journal “Hidoyat” (annual fee is 45 thousand soum) and the newspaper “Islom nuri” (annual fee is 36 thousand soum) are editions of Muslim Board of Uzbekistan.

Press Service,

Muslim Board of Uzbekistan

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