The mosque which has been closed for 20 years is being reconstructed in Namangan

As a result of reforms in religious sphere, a number of mosques are being reopened and reconstructed.

One of such works has been done in Chust city of Namangan region. Prominent chef in Uzbekistan Bahriddin Chustiy notes the following:

Баҳриддин Чустий ижтимоий тармоқлардаги шахсий саҳифаси қуйидаги сўзларни ёзиб қолдирган: 

 “When I was young, there was the mosque on the way to my school. I used to listen to the beautiful azan (prayer for call) and elder people would bring the joy by their attendance. But, for some unknown reasons the mosques had been closed in 1998.”

Several attempts have been done to reopen this mosque for the past years, but all unsuccessful. Thanks to the initiatives of our President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, this mosque has also been permitted to reconstruct. There is hope that this mosque start functioning until the beginning of the Ramadan.

Press Service,

Muslim Board of Uzbekistan


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