Imams visited World War II veterans in Samarkand.

As part of the commemoration of “9th of May – Remembrance and Honor Day” imams in Samarkand visited World War II veterans, war labor veterans and venerated retired people. Elders were excited to receive gifts from religious leaders of their community who made for aged people sincere supplications, advised them to take care of their health and pray for our countries peace and prosperity. In its turn elderly people shared their memories of those extremely unbearable times during the war which has been won by the contribution of brave hearts of our grandparents.

It would be proper to mention hadith narrated by Abu Dawood and Imam Termithiy in which our dearest prophet Muhammad sallollohu alayhi wasssalam says: “Those who do not show mercy on our young generation and who do not respect our elders are not from us.” Undoubtedly, imams followed this hadith by honoring our aged people.

Press Service,

Muslim Board of Uzbekistan  

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